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Announcement about Individual Market Technology Solutions

We recently launched our individual products division and are pleased to announce broker technology resources we will make available to brokers who affiliate under our GA agreements to write individual (under 65yo) business.

Individual health plans can be written on the public exchange or off-exchange via each carrier’s website. Products differ on and off exchange. Generally, many plans offered off-exchange are more robust and may have larger networks. Making sense of plan availability and plan designs is a cumbersome, disjointed process.

Our strategy focuses on the following objectives:

  • Do not require (in most instances) brokers to change their existing solutions that work. Facilitate processes that do work.
  • Do no harm. Do not make a complicated process more complicated.
  • Tell brokers and clients exactly what plans are available—on and off exchange—and what they cost after applying potential subsidies.
  • Provide information about all available plans—on an off exchange—with accurate pricing. Provide better, more consistent information than any solution available.
  • Do not align with any vendor that competes against brokers. A few of our GA competitors use platforms owned and operated by competing retail agencies. This is a conflict of interest.
  • Arrange a solution to streamline on-exchange sales via a third-party vendor. Take an hour-long process down to a few minutes.

We are developing a “gateway” technology resource that will launch in the next few weeks that we will offer to our affiliated brokers. The quoting solution provides information in an interactive, all-inclusive format. When a client is ready to enroll, the system pushes enrollments to the application platform you want to use for each carrier—e.g.: ACAExpress for on-exchange sales and each carrier’s website for off-exchange sales. You and/or your clients can view all plans offered on and off exchange and filter, sort, select, eliminate plans using a wide range of plan design criteria. Since our platform is not responsible for transacting the sale, we are not limited by federal requirements that prohibit third-party vendors from displaying on-exchange and off-exchange plans together.

Every major technology solution in the market uses the same limited, incomplete, and inaccurate data set. The systems cannot tell you if a deductible is aggregate or embedded or if an office visit limitation includes urgent care. We avoid these limitations because we maintain the plan data ourselves.

We are in the final stages of identifying a third-party vendor that we will recommend to brokers to transact on-exchange applications. In most instances the entire process can take less than 10 minutes. No obligation of course as our platform is not tied to any online system.

Stay tuned for more information about broker demos and training. In the meantime, do not forget to register and credential with CMS to sell on exchange.

Scott Kilpatrick

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