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News – BCBS Seeks 57-59% Rate Increase for 2017 Individual Plans

BCBS has requested rate increases ranging from 57-59% on their individual medical plans for the 2017 calendar year. Insurers were required to file their 2017 last month. Those filings are available to the public at

More information about BCBS’s rate adjustments will become available as we get closer to the start of the 2017 Open Enrollment Period. What we know…

  • The 57-59% rate adjustment is the average adjustment to the entire state pool. The actual rate adjustment will vary by plan and rating area.
  • BCBS will continue offering HMO plans in all TX counties. They eliminated PPO plans for 2016.
  • BCBS’s current product portfolio will remain largely intact aside from various benefit design changes to maintain actuarial compliance.
  • BCBS’s rate increase is justified from an actuarial standpoint.
  • The overwhelming majority of BCBS’s current ACA-compliant policyholders are enrolled on the exchange with a subsidy. Exchange subsidies will keep the premium cost low for people who are eligible for them.


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